Taylor Swift New York Jets vs. He caused a 43% spike in NFL tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Taylor Swift expected to be on MetLife for Chiefs vs. Jets on Sunday
  • Some Swifties are now chasing tickets to go and see the game
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Tickets to see the New York Jets host the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night jumped nearly 50 percent after it emerged that Taylor Swift was supposed to be there.

Reports surfaced Wednesday night that Swift was headed to MetLife Stadium to watch her rumored boyfriend, Travis Kelce, play for the Chiefs.

Now, according to Digbig, a lot of fans want to be there.

In the 24 hours following news of Swift’s presence, the ‘get in’ price for tickets on the resale site jumped 43%, from $83 to $119.

Last Sunday’s game – where Swift made his first appearance to watch the Kelce’s 41-10 loss against the Chicago Bears – marked the highest single-day sale of tickets for the Chiefs so far this season, according to TickPick.

Taylor Swift is ready to watch Travis Kelce play again for the Jets this weekend against New York.
The Kells and Kansas City Chiefs will play against the Jets on Sunday evening in the NFL
Swift’s anticipated arrival has now seen ticket prices rise by around 43%

For Sunday’s game in the Big Apple, ticket prices have dropped somewhat over the past two weeks.

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers went up against the Super Bowl champions and Patrick Mahomes, but Rodgers tore his Achilles on the fourth snap of his first game for his new team.

Since then, the Jets have struggled with Jack Wilson at quarterback and lost their last two games.

Meanwhile, Kells is relatively quiet about what’s going on at Swift.

On his podcast he co-hosts with brother Jason of the Philadelphia Eagles, he said: ‘Shout out to Taylor for pulling up. It bowled beautifully.

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‘I thought everyone in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her. Friends and family. She looked amazing and everyone talked about her in a great light.

‘Moreover, the day is definitely perfect for CM fans. Ladies and gentlemen we script it all. It was interesting.

‘To see the slow motion chest bumps, to see the high fives with mum, to see how excited the Chiefs Kingdom was, she was there, it was absolutely crazy, it’s definitely a game I’ll remember, that’s for sure,’ Travis added. “Then we finally collapsed in the exit car…

‘Shout out to Taylor for watching me rock the stage.’

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