Week 7 NFL Power Rankings: One team ranks ahead of the Chiefs

Let’s be honest, the Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receivers aren’t very good. But despite fans’ insistence on smashing the panic button, the team continues to win. For all our handouts, the Chiefs currently have a top-10 scoring offense in the league and average the fourth most yards per game.

The Chiefs have won 16 in a row Denver Broncos And should continue their reign as the father of the AFC West this week Los Angeles Chargers.

Leaders aren’t always pretty or relaxing to watch, but at the end of the year, all you care about is the numbers in the win column — and the rest of the division getting down on themselves as they tumble down into the cellar. , the Chiefs can win five games in their division.

This week’s voters are Stephen Serda, Ron Cobb. Jr., Jared Sapp, Bryce Carter, Matt Stockner, Nate Christensen, Dakota Watson and myself.

1. San Francisco 49ers (1st)

They fell on their face against Cleveland. They white-knock it, but they’re still stuck in the first place.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (4th)

3. Miami Dolphins (5th)

They have an argument to be number 1 on this list. They average one more touchdown per game than the next closest team.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (2nd)

A tough game for Jalen Hurts caused them Brotherhood pushed A couple of places down.

5. Detroit Lions (6th)

No running, no problem. Air cof Ready to take off.

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6. Buffalo Bills (5th)

They tried to play the worst game of football imaginable, but the Giants said, “Hold my booze!”

7. Dallas Cowboys (7th)

The Cowboys wanted this game out of the way, but the Chargers got back something like the unopened fondue set that’s been in rotation in your family since 1993.

8. Baltimore Ravens (8th)

Justin Tucker fired a six-pack of beer to keep her cool and composed.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (9th)

They had an easy day at the office thanks to that silky-haired hippie Gardner Minshu.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (12th)

Joe Burrow looks and plays Macaulay Culkin.

11. Seattle Seahawks (10th)

Their defense played well, and at worst their offense was in the bag for the second straight week.

12. Cleveland Browns (14th)

They beat the best team in the NFL and we didn’t reward them.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (11th)

Justin Herbert Free!

14. Los Angeles Rams (16th)

Sorry, Puka Nacua fantasy owners. Cooper Cub is back and your boy is relegated to an afterthought.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13th)

Tampa has the second-most individual strip clubs in the nation, but it was the Bucks that were exposed Sunday.

16. New Orleans Saints (15th)

It’s the NFL equivalent of watching Ben Stein count 1 to a million.

17. Houston Texans (20th)

They beat the Saints, but somehow are behind them.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (17th)

Farewell, this was the best they’d seen all year.

19. Minnesota Vikings (22nd)

Holy moly, the Vikings won by one game. It’s against the bears, but hey, as the old saying goes, “Vikings can’t be selectors.”

20 New York Jets (25th)

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Embarrassing star quarterbacks are tough They are the 20th best team in the NFL.

21. Atlanta Falcons (21st)

Why are they a pass-first team and how are they so bad at running the ball!?

22. Washington generals (23rd)

23. Tennessee Titans (18th)

Under Missing Links, you can find Ryan Tannehill looking for DeAndre Hopkins on Craig’s list.

24. Indianapolis Colts (19th)

Gardner Minshu’s revenge game went about as well as you’d expect.

25. Green Bay Packers (24th)

They were in a yard, nobody noticed.

26. Las Vegas Raiders (26th)

Despite the win, Josh McDaniels is determined to derail this train.

27. Arizona Cardinals (27th)

At least Caleb Williams already knows he looks good in maroon.

28. Chicago Bears (28th)

Without Justin Fields, they are poised to battle the Cardinals for the first overall pick.

29. New York Giants (30th)

The Giants are so bad that they actually rose in the rankings after Sunday night’s dumpster fire of a game.

30 New England Patriots (29th)

Bill Belichick is slowly turning to stone before our eyes like a goblin at sunrise.

31. Denver Broncos (31st)

Can you believe they’re paying a Keebler elf of a head coach $18 million a year for this?

32. Carolina Panthers (32nd)

Making sure Chicago pairs Marvin Harrison Jr. with Caleb Williams — but hey, at least they didn’t give up 70.

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