Trump is trying a new campaign: small-scale

Ms. Haley, who served as ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration, is weighing in on the Republican presidential campaign as her own.

Mr. The keynote speaker at Trump’s last presidential nominating convention, Mr. Scott asked allies in the state to stop supporting the former president.

Republican National Committee member Jane Brady of Delaware, Mr. Trump’s pugilistic personality has long detracted from his policies, he said, which, in general, most parties support.

“Some people get past it, some people don’t,” he said.

Alex Olson, a Republican strategist based in Salem, NH, on behalf of Ron to the Rescue, said Mr. New super PAC pushing for DeSantis’ 2024 bid (The governor and crew are unrelated.)

“We have no problem with what Trump has done as president,” Mr. Olsen said. “I supported him. But DeSantis can unite Chamber of Commerce Republicans and MAGA Republicans. He’s less bombastic, and he understands the legislative process.

Mr. Roland Moras, 71, of Salem, who came to see Trump speak, but was outraged that the event was not open to the public — “Shame on them!” He said, “It’s only for the elites” -Mr. He said he has no problem with DeSantis, but he still likes the former president. “DeSantis would be a good candidate for VP,” he said.

Mr. There are many reasons why Mr. Trump is not ready to support Trump’s presidential bid. Renacci listed. The former lawmaker said the party needed “a fresh face,” and Mr.

“Former President Trump was a great candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016,” Mr. Renacci said. “But at this point in the game, we have to look at who the candidates are and who can not only take us in a new direction, but also divide the American people in the process.”

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Mei-Ling McNamara Contributed report from Salem, NH Reid J. Epstein From Washington, and Maggie Haberman From New York.

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