Thunderstorm chances persist along with steamy temperatures and dew points

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Wednesday will be another warm and unsettled day. Look for highs in the mid to upper 80s with sticky snow spots. Spotty thunderstorms will develop again in some areas from late afternoon to evening.

hot, bitter; More late-day thunderstorm chances

Rinse it off and repeat over the next few days. Partly cloudy skies will warm near 90 for much of southern Minnesota Wednesday afternoon. Northern Minnesota will have cooler readings in the 80s, mainly in the 70s near the north shore of Lake Superior.

Wednesday is predicted to be the maximum

National Weather Service

A combination of very warm temperatures in the 60s and sticky snow spots will lead to instability in the atmosphere each afternoon and evening.

Spotty storms will reappear overnight, especially to the west and north Wednesday afternoon, with isolated chances in the east, including the Twin Cities area.

Rainy Wednesday 5a_

Rain is expected from 5 am to 11 pm on Wednesday

DuPage Meteorological Observatory

A nearly identical scenario will emerge over the next few days with isolated thunderstorms likely in the late afternoon and evening over the weekend. Highs near 90 will be steamy in the south and west of Minnesota and in the 80s north.

Hi 9a

Thursday is predicted to be the maximum

National Weather Service

Highs in the Twin Cities on Thursday and Friday are only in the 90s, so we can still be in record territory on warmer nights. These readings are above normal for early June.

the heat

Highs and lows are forecast for central Minnesota over the next few days

National Weather Service

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