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The search for Albert Calibet has intensified after the retired LA County deputy went missing on the Greek island of Amorgos.

The search for a retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who went missing during a blistering heat wave in Greece has intensified.

Albert Kalibet, 59, was spotted hiking on the Greek island of Amorgos last Tuesday. New drone video on rocky terrain shows extensive search efforts for Hermosa Beach man.

A helicopter and local shepherds also helped to locate him.

A retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy has gone missing amid a heat wave in the Mediterranean nation of Greece.

Surveillance video obtained by MEGA Live News, which is being investigated by Greek authorities, appears to show Kalibet in a parking lot leaving for the hike.

“We’re sick to our stomachs knowing he’s out there somewhere,” said his girlfriend, Debbie LeShane.

She said Kalibet called her before he left for the hike. They talked for six minutes, and then he sent her a photo from the trailhead sign at 9:20 a.m. That was the last thing she asked him.

Leshane and Kalibet’s brother traveled to the Mediterranean country with two search-and-rescue personnel from Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, after a full day of searching on Friday, the search was called off. Efforts were expected to resume on Saturday afternoon.

“This island is half the size of Catalina. It’s not that big,” said his brother, Oliver Calibet. “Timing is of the essence… He’s on day four now. It’s not good, but we’re very positive.”

With some parts of the country seeing triple digit temperatures, the intense heat has made the search a challenge.

Temperatures topped 104 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday in much of central and southern Greece, including Greater Athens, the Cyclades and Crete.

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Authorities are on high alert for the wildfires that hit Greece every summer.

All this after the second American and a tourist from the Netherlands went missing separately on different islands. In addition, the body of a British TV personality was recently discovered on another Greek island after walking in sweltering temperatures.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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