The lottery prize for the winner increases to $785 million

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There have been 28 consecutive drawings without a grand prize winner since July 19, 2023.


Lottery players have another chance to win big on Monday after the Powerball jackpot grew to a record $785 million.

Saturday’s drawing did not produce any winners that did not match the six numbers drawn, making the prize the fourth largest in history.

White balls 1, 12, 20, 33 and 66 and red Powerball 21 were drawn on Saturday.

The big prize is now bigger than ever Jackpots of over $1 billionAccording to the Multistate Lottery Association.

$2.04 billion in November 2022, $1.586 billion in January 2016 and $1.08 billion in July 2023, lottery officials said in a news release.

At least one Californian received the jackpot winning ticket in each of those three drawings, according to the release.

Although there were no jackpot winners on Saturday, the drawing generated more than 1.5 million winning tickets across the United States, including three tickets that match all five white balls to win $1 million, lottery officials said.

There are 28 consecutive drawings with no winning numbers and no first big prize winner $1.08 billion jackpot Drawn on July 19.

The next drawing will be held on Monday night. The winner could receive $785 million in cash or $367 million in cash before taxes.

Chances of winning the jackpot 1 in 292.2 millionAccording to lottery officials.

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