The Cowboys celebrated a late score with a turkey leg in a Salvation Army kettle

Several years ago, the No Fun League changed its celebration rules to allow for widespread displays of joy. However, the league still has a strict rule against the use of outside props.

The Cowboys defied that rule Thursday by putting a turkey leg in the Salvation Army kettle. After a fourth quarter touchdown that pushed the score to 38-10, quarterback Dak Prescott He retrieved the bird from the oversized bowl.

“Team effort, team idea,” Prescott told reporters after the 45-10 win. “It was a 15-yard penalty and we talked about a two-, three-day long process about whether the coach would accept it. I’m telling you, I’m actually talking to the coach. [Mike McCarthy] Before every game, I catch him talking [owner/G.M.] Jerry [Jones] So I mentioned it. Of course, Jerry loved it. . . . At that point I made sure we were in my direction and the game was in hand, so CeeDee’s touchdown [Lamb] and the following two-point transition [which made the score 31-10], if you see I’m like, is it time? Can we do it? Me, no we’ll get another one. Of course, right after I threw it [KaVontae Turpin] I was like yeah, let it go. So, that was great.”

McCarthy actually went along with the idea on one condition.

“Well, you know when Jerry Jones is in the locker room talking before the game, he was there for that,” McCarthy told reporters. “So before we started pulling turkey nuggets out of the kettle can, I told them the game was going to be good. That was a little weird pregame for me.”

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Jones confirmed that he knew the turkey leg was coming.

“If you use props in the NFL, you can get some fines,” Jones told reporters. “Now, if they add something to the red kettle . . . fine, I’m all for it, and we’ll fuss over it to bring more attention to the red kettle,” Jones said.

The Salvation Army kettle is occasionally used as part of the celebration. It is usually fined.

This time the flag was not hoisted. We’ll find out next weekend if anyone will contribute to the NFL’s overall charitable efforts (if the money doesn’t go to the Salvation Army) and if Jones will match it from his own sizable deep pockets.

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