The 7 Most Forbidden Places on the Planet

Many people like to travel and explore new places, traditions, and climates. But on our planet, there are quite a lot of places forbidden to visit. Some are banned because of their danger, others because of high secrecy. But the place you can visit and have a good time is Sportsbook.

In this article, we will tell you about the 7 most forbidden places to visit, which you will most likely never see. However, you can learn more about them from this article. Let’s go!

Andaman Islands, North Sentinel

The reason for the ban: militant Aborigines.

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. Although officially ruled by India, the island is home to dangerous Sentinel aborigines who avoid any contact with civilization and fiercely resist any invasion. According to scientists, these aborigines spent 60,000 years in almost complete isolation.

Every attempt to make contact with them ends in a rain of arrows and spears, and they do not take gifts left on the shore, and even fearlessly try to shoot down military helicopters flying by.

After the murder of fishermen lost in these places, the Indian authorities declared the Northern Sentinel a prohibited place and urged citizens to stay away from it, putting up armed marine guards to drive away curious visitors.

World Seed Storage Facility in Svalbard, Norway

Reason for the ban: closed seed storage.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a famine in the event of a regional or global food crisis? The solution will be a Global Seed Fund Bank hidden inside a mountain near the North Pole. This safe storage already contains more than 1 million seeds of each plant species from around the world. These seeds can be used to grow new plants and provide the entire population of the Earth with decent food.

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Queimada Grande Island, Brazil

The reason for the ban: too many poisonous snakes.

In some amazing way, it turned out that more than 4,000 species of snakes of varying degrees of danger and venom gathered on one beautiful tropical island. The main inhabitant of this island is Bothrops insularis, one of the most dangerous snakes on the planet, from the bite of which more than 100 people die every year. Its venom is 5 times stronger than that of other vipers. For this reason, the Brazilian authorities have imposed a ban on visiting the island of Queimada Grande, which is also called the island of snakes.

Poveglia Island, Italy

Reason for the ban: visiting the island is prohibited at the state level.

Officially, access for tourists is closed here, but this does not prevent fans of mysticism from visiting the island. The thing is that this place has a terrible history: in the XVI century, during the plague epidemic, patients were brought here, and their bodies were burned to stop the epidemic.

In 1922, a psychiatric hospital was located on the island, about which there were terrible legends. It is believed that the head physician conducted experiments on the wards, and the staff and patients saw the souls of the deceased and complained of headaches. The island has many nicknames, for example, “The Gate to hell” or “The Haven of Lost Souls.” As a result, the island is now abandoned and even fishermen bypass this place.

Heard Island, Australia

Reason for the ban: active seismic activity.

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There is a joke that everyone in Australia wants to kill you. This island has gone even further, despite the absence of predators on its territory, it is ready to kill anyone with its natural forces. Heard Island is essentially the surface part of the Mawson Peak volcano. From the moment of its opening until 2012, it was a haven for birds, seals, and penguins. But 9 years ago, the volcano began to erupt actively and for security reasons, the island received the status of a forbidden one.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Reason for the ban: belief in the presence of otherworldly forces.

It is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan and is a ruin of the 17th century. Hindus are very afraid of this place because it is believed that the old fortress is haunted. The authorities have officially declared the ruined city a haunted abode and have imposed strict rules that prohibit visiting this place at night.

The mystery of this place lies in the fact that one day the city became completely deserted. Houses and streets were emptied instantly. Scientists have found explanations for this.

Some say that hunger overtook the locals and they went in search of food, some talk about the war that took their lives. But during the excavations, no bones were found.

Mount Weather, USA

Reason for the ban: facility of the Federal Agency for Emergency Management.

This emergency operations center serves as a shelter for American high-ranking military and legal entities in the event of a large-scale threat.

Mount Weather also provides federal and security services with radio communications. The President of America has direct access to this information, which ensures the instant transfer of all available data.

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The aboveground part of the base (“area A”) is at least 176 hectares. “Area B” is an underground complex covering 56,000 m2.

There is not yet a single ordinary person who has visited this place: only a select few have access, and then only in emergencies.

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