Tamar Hamlin tweeted his thanks 7 days after moving from Cincinnati to a Buffalo hospital.

Buffalo, New York

Protection of Bills Tamar Hamlin Now in a Buffalo hospital, he was released from a medical facility seven days after suffering cardiac arrest and had to be resuscitated on the field during an NFL game, Dr. William A. Knight said during a video news conference Monday. .

Knight, a doctor at UC Medical Center in Cincinnati, said Hamlin was released from Buffalo to a health care team after his condition improved from critical to good or fair. Hamlin flew back to Buffalo Monday morning, the doctor said.

“He’s fine and this is just the beginning of the next phase of his recovery,” Knight said. “It is completely premature to discuss not just his football; We are truly focused on his day-to-day recovery.

Knight said Hamlin has met “several major milestones” in his recovery, noting the NFL player is up and walking and undergoing physical and occupational therapy.

“Thank you for the wonderful care I received at UCMC. Glad to be back in Buffalo. The doctors and nurses at Buffalo General have already made me feel at home! Hamlin tweeted Monday afternoon.

In another tweet, he thanked the public for their support.

“Watching the world revolve around me on a Sunday is truly an amazing feeling” He wrote. “The same love you all showed me is the same love I plan to put back into the world. Bigger than football!”

Bills head coach Sean McDermott said on a Zoom call with reporters that Hamlin is “very excited” to be back in town.

He said he and some members of the Bills organization visited Hamlin at the hospital in Buffalo.

“He’s fine,” she said. “He’s tired, but he’s happy and excited to be back in Buffalo.”

Hamlin was taken to Buffalo General Medical Center/Gates Vascular Institute, part of Caleda Health System.

“He is currently listed in stable condition and continues to make significant progress in his recovery,” officials said. The press release was published online.

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On January 2, Hamlin, the 24-year-old defensive end in just his second NFL season, suffered a heart attack and collapsed during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

His UC doctors said Monday that it’s still too early to know what caused Hamlin’s heart attack, and they expect him to undergo more tests to determine what happened.

A typical recovery from a heart attack takes weeks or months, they said, and Hamlin is ahead of schedule at every step of the process so far.

The Bills’ player posted a photo on social media Sunday that showed him sitting in his hospital bed, wearing a No. 3 hat and a “Love for Tamar” shirt and making a heart sign with his hands.

Hamlin tweeted more than a dozen times in response to the Bills’ 35-22 win over the New England Patriots Sunday. He expressed his desire To be on the field with his teammates.

“It’s game day & I want nothing more than to walk out that tunnel with my brothers,” he wrote.

Hamlin watched from his hospital bed Sunday as teams across the NFL honored him in the final games of the regular season, with players, coaches and fans showing their support with T-shirts, signs and jersey patches bearing his name and his No. 3.

At the Bills’ Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, several of Hamlin’s teammates took the field waving flags with his name and jersey number, while many in the audience raised heart-shaped signs to pay tribute to the football player.

Hamlin collapsed after making a tackle during the first quarter of the Bills’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals last Monday night. He was rushed off the field in an ambulance, crying and hugging players and showing support from fans and others across the country.

The game was early PostponedIt was later canceled by the NFL days later.

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Fans signed a poster with messages of support for Buffalo Bills safety Tamar Hamlin outside Highmark Stadium on Sunday.

Before Sunday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Bengals, the medical staff who rushed to Hamlin’s aid were honored at Cincinnati’s Baycore Stadium — the same stadium where Hamlin suffered his heart attack.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver John Brown hands the game ball to assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington at Highmark Stadium in New York. Hamlin is credited with saving lives By providing critical CPR to a football player – doctors who lose his pulse on the field say he should immediately resuscitate him with CPR and defibrillation.

The immediate response of Kellington and other medical personnel was vital “not only to save his life, but also his neurological function,” said Dr. Timothy Pritz, one of Hamlin’s doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Hamlin was there Dizzy After being taken to hospital. Doctors declared He awoke on Thursday and appeared neurologically intact, still critically ill and on a ventilator.

“Did we win?” Hamlin’s First question upon waking upAccording to Britts, he wrote the question on a clipboard.

Friday, Bills Hamlin said The breathing tube was removed Overnight, he spoke to his teammates via video.

Following Sunday’s win over the Patriots, Bills cornerback Tre’Davis White said Hamlin texted members of the team before Sunday’s game, saying, “I’m thinking about you and I’m sorry I did that to all of you. .”

“He needs us to check what he’s doing – that shows what kind of person he is.”

White said Monday’s incident still haunts the six-year NFL veteran.

“To see everything go through, from being hit, to him getting up, to him falling, it’s something I can’t… see. Every time I close my eyes it replays. I tried to watch television, and every time the television went to commercial, That’s what comes to mind,” White said.

During Sunday’s Bills game, the public address announcer read a statement of support for Hamlin and drew a roar from the crowd, in which fans in a sea of ​​blue and red held up signs in support of Hamlin that read “BILLI3VE,” “All Heart for #3,” “Love for Tamar,” “Did we win?” ” and “Thank you to the medical staff!”

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Many of Hamlin’s teammates, including Josh Allen and Keir Elam, wore Hamlin’s name and jersey number. They waved flags with 3.

Then the game began in earnest.

Bills returner Nyhim Hines took the opening kickoff for a 96-yard touchdown, sending the crowd into raptures and spurring Hamlin. Tweet“OMFG!!!!!!!!!”

Britts said Monday that Hamlin also “jumped up and down, got out of his chair and set … every alarm in the ICU went off in the process, but he was fine.”

McDermott laughed when he heard the story of Hamlin’s reaction. “He’s a great person and he’s got a positive attitude, which doesn’t surprise me,” he said.

Hines said the team needed this win after last week’s events.

“As a community, I feel like we needed this win. I feel like my brothers in that locker room, we needed some energy and some great vibes. We needed to win this one,” Hines said.

Other teams around the league also paid tribute to Hamlin Sunday.

In Cincinnati, Bengals wide receiver Dee Higgins, who was involved in the play where Hamlin was injured, wore a “Love for Tamar” T-shirt during pregame warmups.

Before the start of the game, the stadium announcer read a statement that asked fans to show support for Hamlin, his family and first responders.

Fans in Cincinnati cheered loudly, many with signs supporting Hamlin. The telecast also showed Bengals coach Jack Taylor wearing a “Love for Tamar” hoodie during the tribute.

Prior to the Chargers-Broncos game, Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and Chargers safety Derwin James met at midfield, both No. Wearing 3, they led for a moment in favor of Hamlin.

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