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successively, The Emmy-winning HBO drama helped redefine the premium cable network following its conclusion game of thronesending

The upcoming fourth season will be its final run on the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed premium cable network, according to creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong. New Yorker “There is a promise in the title successively. I never thought this would go on forever. The end is always in my mind. Since season two, I’ve been trying to think: Is this the next one, or the one after that, or the one after that?”

“Before we started writing the fourth season, in November, December, 2021, I got together with some of my fellow writers and I said, ‘Look, I think this could be it. But what do you think?’ We toyed with different scenarios: We could do two short seasons or two seasons. Or we could go on for years and make the show different and be a really badass, freewheeling kind of fun show where there are good weeks and bad weeks. Or we could do something a little more muscular and complete. Can, and kind of go out. It’s always been my wish.

Representatives for HBO declined to comment beyond confirmation New Yorker The story is accurate. The fourth season successively Returns March 26 on HBO.

This news is meant to put an end to the speculations successively Armstrong has teased that since the satire blew up as an awards-season darling, it will end with its fourth or fifth season.

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“I feel deeply conflicted. I’m really enjoying this period where we’re editing—where there’s a whole season—but we haven’t released it yet. I love the interlude,” Armstrong said. “I also loved the period when my closest collaborators and I knew this was probably it, or this was it, but the world didn’t have to face it. It was a difficult decision because the collaborations with the actors, with my co-writers, with Nick Bridell and Mark Milot and the other directors, were so great. . And I feel like I did the best job I could do with them. And HBO was generous and could have done more seasons, and they’re good about saying it’s your decision. That’s great, but ultimately it’s also a responsibility — and it feels so perverse to stop doing that.

successively debuted in its first season and earned an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series for its second run and another win in its third season. The show’s huge cast, including Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Nicholas Brown, Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook, have all become regular names every awards season, with multiple wins between them. Showrunner Armstrong took home an Emmy for writing for a drama series, while other guest stars and directors also received statues for their work. successively.

Created by Armstrong, who received an overall deal with HBO for his work on the series, successively Produced by Adam McKay, Frank Rich, Kevin Messick, Jane Tranter, Mark Milot, Tony Roach, Scott Ferguson, John Brown, Lucy Prebble, Will Tracy and Will Ferrell.

successively It has become a flagship show for HBO following a string of award-winning hits including game of thrones And Veep. It’s part of a catalog of originals at Kepler led by Casey Bloys White lotus, Barry, Euphoria, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Industry, Dragon House, The Last of Us And game of thrones Branch Dragon House.

Because executives have a history of letting creators decide what’s best for the story, Bloys has maintained for some time that the decision to end the franchise rests entirely with Armstrong. Blois also maintains that the successor is unlikely to get the spinoff treatment, which is the opposite of the franchise strategy most conglomerates have taken in the peak TV era. Still, Armstrong told The New Yorker that the door remains open to revisiting Royce’s power-hungry world: “I think this succession story that we’ve been telling is over,” he said. “It’s a period of muscle that exhausts all our reserves of interest, and I think there’s a very strong pain in all these characters. But I have a strong feeling that there might be something else in the friendly world, or friendly characters or some of the same characters. I warned the end of the show, I was with some of my collaborators. Speaking of: If there’s an appetite, can we come back to another part of this world? Maybe we can do something else, which makes good use of the way we’ve worked. So that’s another real feeling.

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