South Korea detonates loudspeaker broadcasts in North Korea

Story: :: South Korean Ministry of Defense

:: Posted on June 9, 2024

South Korea’s military said on Sunday (June 9) it had resumed loudspeaker transmissions into North Korea.

A video released by the military on Sunday showed trucks carrying loudspeakers and soldiers assembling them in a training exercise.

This is the first such exercise since 2018, the army said.

The venue and date of the training has not been disclosed.

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The decision to resume broadcasts, a form of psychological warfare, came after North Korea began launching about 330 balloons laced with debris a day earlier.

…about 80 of them fell over the border.

The South Korean Army said this.

South Korea’s broadcasts include world news and information about democratic and capitalist society with a mix of popular K-pop music. The sound is believed to travel more than 12 miles into North Korea.

Kim Soo-Kyung is the spokesperson for the South Korean President.

“The actions we take may be unbearable for the North Korean regime, but they will send a message of hope and light to North Korean troops and its people.”

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Pyongyang began sending balloons carrying garbage and fertilizer across the border in May.

It said the move was in response to anti-North leaflets by South Korean activists as part of a propaganda campaign.

North Korea has shown some angry reactions to leaflets and loudspeaker broadcasts, sometimes firing weapons at balloons and speakers.

South Korea halted the broadcasts under an agreement signed by the two Koreas’ leaders in 2018, but tensions have risen as Pyongyang advances in weapons development.

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