Ryan Gosling Says 'I'm Ken' Critics Choice Best Reaction — But Won't Accept Award

Published: 6:07 PM PST, January 14, 2024

Often at award shows, winners say they didn't expect to win, even though a speech was prepared and the path to the stage was clearly drawn in their heads. This does not seem to be the case Ryan Gosling In this year Critics Choice Awards On Sunday.

During the event at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, Gosling's song Barbie“I'm Just Ken” won Best Song — Covering Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa's favorite “Was I Made For” Barbie “Dance the Night” song and best songs.

When “I'm Just Ken” was announced as the winner, the cameras cut to Gosling in the audience, and the actor seemed to really not understand what had happened. In fact, he was almost suspicious, as if it was some kind of elaborate prank.

The announcer announced that the award would be accepted by the writers Mark Ronson And Andrew Wyatt, As well as Gosling himself — although Gosling was in the audience, cheering Ronson and Wyatt off the table, still in total disbelief.

When Ronson gave his acceptance speech, the acclaimed songwriter acknowledged Gosling's importance in bringing the song to life.

“Ryan Gosling, this is your award as much as it is ours,” Ronson said, as Gosling beamed from the crowd. “You made the world or the audience fall in love with this song with your incomparable performance, so thank you.”

Ronson and Wyatt spoke to reporters backstage after the big win, and Ronson said he was excited for the possibility. Barbie musical on Broadway, joking, “I've actually written 12 [songs] I'm waiting for the call.”

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But when asked how badly he'd like to see Gosling perform “I'm Just Ken” at this year's Oscars, Ronson emphatically replied: “Too bad.”

Gosling's humble and genuine reaction to the win received a lot of love from fans on social media, who couldn't get over how adorable his stunning look really was.

The 29th Annual Critics' Choice Awards Sunday, Jan. 14, airing at 7 p.m. ET/ 4 p.m. PT on The CW. Check Etonline.com for all coverage Full list of the night's big winners!

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