Russia claims downed 2 drones as Ukrainian shelling wounds 6

Russia said on Saturday its air defenses shot down a drone approaching Moscow and another drone over the border, injuring six people in Ukrainian shelling.

Russia and the Moscow-linked Crimean peninsula have been hit by a wave of attacks in recent days as Kiev aims to bring the conflict back to Russia.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that at 03:00 Moscow time (0000 GMT) one drone was destroyed while approaching Moscow, and at 09:00 (0600 GMT) another drone was destroyed near the border of the Belgorod region.

Moscow, which was rarely hit in the early stages of the conflict, is now targeted by drone strikes almost daily.

“Tonight, air defense forces destroyed a drone in Istrinsky district while approaching Moscow,” the capital’s mayor, Sergei Sobyan, wrote in a telegram.

“Initially, there is no casualty or damage. Emergency services are working at the site,” he added.

The drone strikes came after the governor of Russia’s Belgorod region said six people were wounded in Kiev shelling the town of Urasovo, about 10 kilometers (six miles) from the Ukrainian border.

Russian areas bordering Ukraine continue to report indiscriminate shelling by Kyiv’s armed forces and occasional cross-border incursions by pro-Ukrainian militias.

Governor Vyacheslav Klatkov accused Ukraine of firing “cluster munitions” in the attack and said residential buildings were damaged.

“As a result of the cluster munition strike, 6 civilians sustained shrapnel injuries,” he said in a social media update, after initially reporting four injured.

“A victim is in a very bad condition,” he wrote in a telegram.

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