New strikes in Gaza as Israel-Hamas fighting resumes: Live updates

4:30 pm ET, December 2, 2023

Netanyahu says Israel will continue ground operations in Gaza until all targets are met

From CNN’s Maria Knight and Mitchell McCluskey

An Israeli tank moves near the border with Gaza on Friday, December 1.

Ilya Yefimovich/Image-Alliance/dpa/AP

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated at a press conference on Saturday that Israel will continue ground operations in Gaza until it achieves all its objectives.

“We will continue the war until we achieve all our goals, and we cannot achieve these goals without ground maneuvers,” Netanyahu said. “There is no other way to achieve these goals than victory, and to victory there is no other way than ground maneuver.”

Netanyahu said Israel’s goals were to free the hostages, eliminate Hamas and prevent a “reign of terror” in Gaza.

“We have to achieve these goals; that’s all that matters to me,” he said.

Netanyahu also spoke about the freed hostages, but declined to provide details about the conditions they were being held in Gaza.

“As the evidence is gathered, you realize they’ve been through hell,” he said.

Pressure from abroad: Earlier on Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron He said Israeli officials “need to define more precisely their goal and the end result they are trying to achieve.”

“What does the total destruction of Hamas mean? Does anyone think that’s possible?” Macron said he expected a 10-year struggle to eliminate Hamas.

There is also America Pressured Israel to target more In its renewed attack on the enclave.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed in comments on Saturday that the safety of civilians in Gaza is critical to Israel’s long-term victory against Hamas. Speaking at a security forum in California, Austin warned Israel to avoid driving civilians “into the hands of the enemy” and to “avoid irresponsible rhetoric” while expanding access to humanitarian aid in Gaza.

“If what awaits Israelis and Palestinians at the end of this terrible war is more insecurity, more rage and more despair, it will add to this tragedy,” Austin said.

Message to Hezbollah: Netanyahu also reiterated his warning Hezbollah Engages more in conflict.

“In the north, we are always working against Hezbollah, eliminating terrorist forces that bring more terrorists from the border,” Netanyahu said.

“We are on the offensive, I declare, and we are committed to bringing security to the north and the south; if Hezbollah makes such a mistake and enters an expanded war, it will tear Lebanon apart,” the prime minister continued. .

CNN’s Haley Britsky reported for this post.

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