Marion Williamson suspends presidential campaign

Marianne Williamson announced Wednesday night that she is ending her Democratic presidential campaign.

“It is time to suspend my campaign for the presidency,” the 71-year-old author said in a video posted on social media.

“We did the best we could in some dark times and I'll always be grateful for that,” Williamson said.

Her announcement came a day after her stay Soundly defeated President Biden in the Nevada Democratic primary.

Williamson, Rep. Along with Dean Phillips, Mr. Phillips remains in the race.

“Marion Williamson was a woman of courage, strength and compassion for country who was mistreated by an organization designed to do just that,” Phillips said in a social media post late Wednesday. “I am honored to have run alongside her and will continue to advance our shared principles with determination. We are grateful for you, Marianne. This is not over.”

Mr. While Biden declined to discuss his opponents, Williamson and Phillips debated in New Hampshire on Jan. 8, where Mr. They hoped to win because of Biden's absence. However, a win Attempt to write Mr. Granite State allies on behalf of Biden secured victory for the president, all but the White House bids of his challengers.

Williamson also ran In the 2020 Democratic primary, and before dropping out, He fired his entire staff After failing to meet fundraising and poll thresholds for all but the first debate.

He also had problems with this campaign cycle, rotating between three different campaign managers in his short-lived campaign. His latest campaign manager, Carlos Cardona, told CBS News that he left his campaign the day after the New Hampshire primary.

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