Led by its youth, America sinks in world happiness report

“The literature is clear on the practice — it's had an effect on socialization, pro-social behavior, if you will, and people's ability to feel connected and have a community,” Dr. Norris said of the epidemic. “A lot of things that normally happen to people, especially high school youth, don't happen,” he added. “It still happens.”

Jade Chang, A A 27-year-old novelistIn recent years he has counted himself among the increasingly unhappy.

“Often, it's because as an adult you suddenly know all the world's news, focus too much on what you can control, and realize that there is very little you can control.” study, said in an interview. “Whether you're going to protests or paying your rent and bills on time, it's really hard to let go of how you live your life when you realize how little impact your actions actually have on a larger scale. position.”

In 2022, a Harvard University study showed that well being Among United States youth, it has declined over the past 20 years. Youth – between 18 to 25 years – reported the lowest levels of happiness Compared to other age groups, as well as poorer mental and physical health, sense of purpose, character, virtue, close social relationships and financial stability. Similar findings have emerged In Britain and Canada.

“One factor we all think about is social media,” Dr. said Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development. “Depending on how we use social media, it reduces well-being, especially among young women and girls, some research shows that depression and anxiety increase among teenage girls.”

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