Jim Harbaugh aimed for “many, many championships” with the Chargers

The lure of the Lombardi Trophy brought Jim Harbaugh back to the NFL. And he wants more than one of them.

It should be many, many championships, Harbaugh told reporters Thursday, via ESPN.com's Kris Rhim. “We're going to be humble. Humble and hungry. But that's our goal. Our goal is to treat people first-class and win more championships.

The part about treating people first class is easy, for those who are truly committed. The part about winning multiple championships is tough. Especially in the AFC West, where quarterback Patrick Mahomes will hang around for the next decade or so.

Even without Mahomes in Kansas City, it would be difficult to win multiple championships. Harbaugh is 60. How long can he stay with the Chargers? Ten years? twelve?

No, it won't be easy. Can't say no. Someone has to win the championship. But every year 32 teams want to do it.

The truth is, in any given year, 10 or 12 teams are serious contenders to do that. Harbaugh's presence moved the 49ers into the category. His visit to LA could have the same effect.

Still, even if you win one time out of 10, it won't be easy.

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