Top NewsIsrael-Hamas ceasefire enters fifth day after extension deal: live updates

Israel-Hamas ceasefire enters fifth day after extension deal: live updates

9:05 am ET, November 28, 2023

Relatives of 10-month-old baby held hostage say he was not on Tuesday’s release list

From CNN’s Lauren Izzo and Jesse Greitner

The youngest Israeli hostage, 10-month-old Kafir Bibas, and his family were not among the latest list of those freed from Gaza, relatives of the family said on Tuesday.

Kafir’s parents, Yarden and Shiri, and his brother, Ariel, 4, were taken hostage Oct. 7 from Israel. A video of Shiri and her two children was released from Gaza on October 7, one of the first hostage videos in Gaza.

Yarden’s sister, Afri Bipass, said Tuesday that the boys’ father was beaten with a hammer on Oct. 7, with no further information available on his current condition or whereabouts.

Yarden’s cousin, Eilon Cashet, speaking on the call, said relatives believed Yarden was separated from his wife and children based on the videos they had seen. Cashet said the family is not believed to be held together.

Afri Bibas expressed his concern for the two children:

“Their lives are at risk every day and they must be released as soon as possible.”

She said she was worried because the 10-month-old was not getting formula.

Gechet also said Ariel Bipass has multiple medical conditions.

Remember: On Monday, Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari said the Bibas family Currently, Hamas is not a hostage, which further complicates publishing efforts. More than 40 hostages taken hostage on Oct. 7 have not been captured by Hamas, a diplomatic source briefed on the talks told CNN earlier Monday.

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