Israel Agrees to US Proposal for Prisoner-Hostage Exchange and Awaits Hamas Response, CNN Associate and Analyst Says

Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

Demonstrators call for the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas during a protest in Tel Aviv on March 17, 2024.


Israel has agreed to a US proposal to free about 700 Palestinian prisoners, including 100 people serving life sentences for killing Israeli nationals, in exchange for the release of 40 Israeli hostages, CNN affiliate Con News reported Sunday. A senior Israeli official.

Over the weekend, CNN analyst Barak Ravit quoted an unnamed Israeli official as saying, Tweeted Israel agreed to a US “bridging plan” on the number of Palestinian prisoners it would release for every hostage held by Hamas.

Israel agreed to a proposal made by CIA Director Bill Burns, Ravit. Burns was in Doha, Qatar, where Hamas and Israel are negotiating through mediators.

Ravit said the delegations are now awaiting a response from Hamas.

A diplomatic source on the matter confirmed to CNN the accuracy of Rawit's information, but said there were outstanding issues, including the entry of aid into Gaza and the “repositioning of the Israeli military.”

CNN has briefed Israeli officials and Hamas on the status of the talks.

A recent motion by Hamas this month called for the release of between 700 and 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Israel at that time Explained the demands “Absurd” and “absurd.”

According to the official, Khan News reported that Israel is willing to make “significant compromises for the return of the abductees”.

A deal, if it happens, is expected to have several phases. In the first phase, Hamas has proposed freeing hostages — including Israeli soldiers — elderly, sick and wounded women. That number is believed to be approximately 40 out of 100 hostages alive.

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Mossad director David Barnia visited Doha twice this week for talks with a high-level Israeli security delegation.

This story has been updated with additional updates.

CNN's Abel Alvarado contributed to this report.

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