“Hollywood is not a healthy place” – Deadline

Angelina Jolie is now opening up about her outlook on Hollywood and says she wouldn’t have chosen to be an actress if she had started acting in this period.

“I wouldn’t be an actress today,” Jolie said in an interview Wall Street Journal, He will probably act in theater but not Hollywood. “When I started, I didn’t expect to be public, to share so much.”

He continued, “Growing up in Hollywood, I was never attracted to it. I didn’t think it was important or important.

Jolie mentioned at one point that she planned to leave LA and relocate to her home in Cambodia, “It’s what happened after my divorce. I lost the ability to live and travel independently. I move when I can. I grew up in a very shallow place. Of all places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place. So you look for authenticity.

The Oscar-winning star says she doesn’t date, doesn’t really have a social life, and that her “closest friends are refugees”. Jolie also noted the closeness she feels to her children, saying, “They are very close to me and my life, they are my best friends,” she says. “We’re seven different people, and that’s our strength.”

In addition to filming the Maria Callas biopic, Jolie is launching a fashion venture called Atelier Jolie and opening a physical location in NYC.

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