Here’s How Brian Cox Felt About That Big Chapter 3 Twist in ‘Heir’

Do you feel there is any advantage in Logan?

Oh, yes. I think he has a lot of upside. I think he got it very wrong. I think everything has gone terribly wrong. We have these little moments – and don’t live in them – the scars on the back, the story of the mother, the sister, the relationship with the brother. And that’s where he becomes human, because we all have our everyday flaws and all the problems, all the horrible decisions we make or don’t make.

And what we do [as actors] Do. We reflect, we don’t It is. And I think many actors don’t understand this. They do not understand the responsibility of the position. They think about it, “Oh, I put myself in that role, and then I live it 24/7.” One of the real problems that America has — and I think this is what our show is about — is that America is only interested in pursuing individualism at the expense of community. When you look at European dramas, it’s all about community and groups, and they keep digging up year after year. America didn’t do that. Ensemble, community is important in any project you work on as an actor. You must create society, you must behave towards society; It’s not about you saying, “I have to do this; I can only do it this way.

[Expletive] That. It is complete [expletive] Stupidity. join in It’s a game. It plays. This is what children do. Kids don’t think, “Well, I’m this character, I can’t throw it away.” They have a natural instinct for the game and we forget about playing. Sorry, lecture is over. [Laughs.]

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Audiences blurring the distinction between actor and character is nothing new ——

Oh yes. I am suffering!

—— And I’ve read about the way strangers tell you [expletive] Off. Does it feel like a gift to land such a career-defining role at this stage? Or does it feel like boxing you in? How do you feel when those strangers approach you on the street?

The power of dramatic work is extraordinary, and the need for people to make that mark — and someone like Logan, who has become a cultural icon. But where you go is a small matter: I’ve been an actor for 60-odd years. I’ve done a lot of great work. [“Succession”] It’s a special job I’ve had that has given me so much and I’m eternally grateful for it. But it was only a stop along the way. As far as I’m concerned it’s not the goal. Now that could be wrong. It can define me. But I keep going regardless.

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