'Frozen Empire' earns $4.7M in previews

Jason Reitman's Sony sequel Ghostbusters: Rehab, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, took $4.7M From previews that started at 2 PM last night in 3,561 theaters.

That amount is close to projections of $4.5M Ghostbusters: Rehab While viewers are still shaking off the Covid scare, it's time to frame 2021 before Thanksgiving. Last night was more money than a preview of Paul Feig's 2016 All Female Ghostbusters It grossed $3.4M (and opened to $46M). Those showtimes started at 4 p.m., $16.6M on Friday and $44M on opening weekend. I have said that from the sources Frozen Empire Presales for some exhibitors were limited, so getting to that point required a lot of walk-up business.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire It received 4 stars from the Thursday night audience, which is always full of die-hard fans, with 80% positive and 66% definite recommendation. Most often shown as 55% men, the film's harshest critics were 76% positive, women 45% with an excellent 85% rating. Breaking that down, men over 25 gave the film a 79% rating, up from 43% last night, while 12% of ticket-buying men under 25 hated the film at 68%. On that day afterlife, Households and country median gross income. Close to a third of the audience Hereafter life Families with parents who awarded the movie five stars with children under 12 at 4 1/2. Rated by Rotten Tomatoes critics afterlife, It was directed by Jason Reitman, 64% positive, and audiences rated it 94%. Frozen Empire With 45% of reviews being rotten, 86% with RT viewers.

Directed by writer Gil Kenan Ghostbusters: Rehab, The sequel cost $100M. This is Ghostbusters Now at five movies, that will easily put the franchise over $1 billion. It may or may not be this weekend Frozen Empire Can function less.


Sidney Sweeney in 'Immaculate'

Fabia Lavino, courtesy of Neon

We await preview figures for Neon's Sidney Sweeney movie, Immaculate, But meanwhile, PostTrak viewers disliked it last night at 2 1/2 stars and 60% positive. Critics gave it a 78% positive rating. We're now seeing projections for the world premiere of the nun horror film from SXSW in the mid-single digits.

Legendary/Warner Bros.' The Hill: Part Two won the night in regular releases $2.2M At 3,847, -23% from Wednesday and third week. $39.5M and running totals $215.7M. The film will keep its Imax screens for weekend 4 and share them Frozen Empire.

Universal/Dreamworks Animation Kung Fu Panda 4 Done at 4,067 sites $1.7M-10% for second week from Wednesday $38.7M and running totals $116.4M.

Fathom entered the chart mid-week with two releases: the faith-based documentary, The Ark and the Darkness, It will run to a total of $750K on Wednesday and another $957K yesterday $1.7M In 1,010 theaters. Ralph Stern directed the documentation centers around Noah's Ark and the scientific evidence that supports the biblical story.

Fathom also had a remake of Hal Needham, who directed the 1986 film BMX. rod, 707 seats were booked $508K Yesterday.


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