Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 5 Season 3: All Skins and Rewards

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Fortnite Battle Pass for Chapter 5 Season 3 has a very strong theme: Wasteland Mayhem. This season’s Mad Max-like ambitions result in an oily, supercharged war zone, and plenty of new characters packed in to match that aesthetic.

Now that Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is live, let’s meet the latest ragtag group of heroes, villains and…vegetables?

  • T-60 Power Armor
  • Rust
  • Ringmaster Scar
  • Machinist
  • Megalo Don
  • The Pride Rider
  • magnet
  • Peabody

The T-60 needs no introduction. It ranks second only to Vault Boy as the best film from the Fallout series of games and the latest Amazon Prime Video hit.

Rust is a reimagining of the skin first launched in 2017, Rust Lord – a play off of Marvel’s Star Lord at the time. It is suitable for changing the make-up of the wasteland in front of it.

Ringmaster Scar runs the Nitro Drome, which you can read about on us Fortnite map changes in Chapter 5 Season 3 Guide. She is an enemy boss this season.

Meanwhile, the machinist is a master mechanic who can be found on the redline rig, which makes all four-wheeled vehicles more dangerous.

Big baddie Megalo Don is the big brute you can challenge (or avoid) this season. Head to the brutal beach to pick him up—don’t expect a lazy day in the sun.

Like Rust, Pride Rider is a reskin of a years-old skin – though, in his case, he’s already been reskinned multiple times. This time around, he gets pointed shoulder straps and a rugged exterior suitable for the wasteland.

Magneto is certainly a familiar face to X-Men fans, as he is often positioned as its Big Bad. He made his debut in Fortnite, joining a long list of other Marvel skins already in the game.

Finally, what would a Fortnite season release be without Weird Little Guy? This season’s WLG is the Peabody, an anthropomorphic peapod featuring three legendary legumes: Bill, Earl and Axel.

For more images of these skins and Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Pass, keep scrolling. Below you can see images of each reward currently available in this pass.

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