Excerpts from the indictment against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Lawmakers Mr. During the four-hour debate over whether to fire Paxton, several key players emerged who could have a lasting role as the impeachment case continues.

Representative Andrew MooreMr. The Republican who chaired the panel investigating Paxton brought the impeachment motion to the floor and asked most questions about Mr. Paxton drew fire from supporters, many of whom directly criticized the group’s work.

Mr. Murr, with his distinctive curling moustache, Mr. By returning to the seriousness of the charges against Paxton, he countered several attacks on the process. “We will not tolerate corruption, bribery, abuse of office, revenge and all allegations made against you,” he said in his closing speech. “I am sure you cannot tolerate these most serious and grave official blunders.”

Rep. John Smithy, another Republican, has taken on the role of advocating against impeachment, focusing less on the charges and more on the ways he sees the process as unfair. He said insufficient evidence was presented and lawmakers did not have enough time to consider such a decision.

“Now I call them the hang-and-later policy,” he said of the measures.

Representative Ann Johnson, a Democrat and former attorney, said Saturday that Mr. He told Paxton upstairs that he had broken laws that could lead to jail time. Mr. He also described what he said were senior members of Paxton’s staff, whose honesty compelled them to speak out about his behavior. An employee Mr. She said she noticed Paxton requesting expensive renovations to her home.

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The employee, who was deeply distressed by a situation she considered improper, left her job, and Ms. Johnson said. He continued Mr. When Paxton paid, the man told Mr. He returned money to Paxton’s campaign. “It’s kind of monotonous,” he said, adding that investigators found out from those who spoke, many of them Republicans.

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