Donald Trump testifies in New York civil fraud trial

10:51 am ET, November 6, 2023

The judge ordered Trump not to make political speeches

From CNN’s Lauren del Valle, Kara Scannell and Jeremy Herb in New York

Judge Arthur Engoron told Donald Trump to answer questions about the case — and not give speeches.

“Some of your answers don’t answer the question,” Nkoron said.

“Mr. Wallace is very patient. I want to move this along,” the judge said, referring to Kevin Wallace of the New York Attorney General’s Office.

“Please answer the questions, no talking,” Engoron said.

The relationship between Engoron and Trump has been testy from the start. The judge has already taken a shocking step By adjudicating before trial It started with Trump committing fraud. He issued a scathing order to Trump after the former president attacked a courtroom clerk in a social media post and fined him $15,000 for violating the order.

But moments later, when the attorney general’s lawyer asked if the former president was responsible for preparing his financial statements, Trump again went after the judge.

“I’m sure the judge will always rule against me because he will always rule against me,” Trump said, complaining about the statute of limitations in the case.

Engron asked Trump lawyer Chris Kiss if Trump’s comment should explain his answer.

“The idea that I’m always ruling against him, which you know is not true anyway, certainly doesn’t answer the question,” Engoren said.

The judge then addressed Trump directly: “So Mr. Trump, please answer the question,” he said. “You can attack me, whatever you want, but answer the question.”

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