College football predictions through Saturday’s Week 6: Texas-Oklahoma, Georgia-Kentucky, Alabama-Texas A&M and more

There is live telecast of athletics Texas vs. Oklahoma In Week 6 of college football action.

Ari Wasserman, David Uben and Seth Emerson preview the biggest games of Week 6 of the college football season through Saturday on the podcast. The trio discussed the games and picked against the spread Texas vs. Oklahoma, Kentucky at Georgia, Alabama at Texas A&M and more.

Below is an edited, condensed version of their discussion of several Week 6 games. The full episode includes discussions of UCLA (-3.5), Minnesota at Michigan (-19.5), LSU at Missouri (-6), Notre Dame at Louisville (-6.5) and more.

Listen to the full episode here.

Kentucky at Georgia (-14.5)

Emerson: Let’s go back to last year, Georgia. They had a scare in Missouri. That woke them up and they didn’t have another game until the playoffs against a team capable of giving it a down to the wire game. Ohio State. You wondered if the South Carolina game would pick up this year. Then it had to do more and it had to go down to the wire last week against Auburn.

So, here’s what I wonder about this team right now. Does it require actual loss to achieve its potential? The program has won 22 in a row. It pits itself against weaker opponents. Is there a sense of pervasiveness within the project, or at least enough people in that group that it will always be right?

I’ve been on this beat since 2010, which means I’ve never seen Georgia lose to Kentucky. Besides Texas A&M, I’ve seen them lose to every other SEC team, including Vanderbilt twice, and they’ve only played out of league once. But they always beat Kentucky, and that’s because, honestly, they’re built the same way, but Georgia has more talent. The monument resembles two Spider-Men pointing at each other, one of them bigger and faster.

Emerson: Georgia, I think, is 0-4-1 against the spread this year.

Upen: Yes. Kentucky is 4-0 (vs. FBS teams).

Emerson: There’s a part of me that’s going to catch Georgia at some point. But part of me says that if I had to pay a lot in this game, I’d cover Georgia.

Wassman: What I’m really wondering here is, are these Grabas sleepwalking games or are they symptoms of the sickness in this program or the offense they’re going to lose? Not because they didn’t care or didn’t because they weren’t locked in, but because they weren’t good enough to beat this year. Is that a real thought for you or are they going to go back into Death Star mode once they wake up?

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Emerson: It sure could be, Ari. The big concern about it is security. Because you have a new quarterback, a new coordinator, a new left tackle, the offense is always going to regress a little bit. Both tackles are gone from last year and some experience is getting hurt right now, but they’re really what you’d expect in an offense. Carson Beck excels through the game.

But Georgia’s defense needs to be better. The formula for this Georgia team to three-peat is a very good defense, very good offense. Also, I thought the offense was going to be very good or very good, and honestly their offense was probably better than their defense. And the defense isn’t very good at forcing turnovers.

Upen: I think people are used to the idea of ​​Georgia dominating everyone. I think there’s a perception that, especially with all the turnovers, that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Upen: For me, I like to cover Kentucky here. I think Devin Leary gives you enough balance. It feels like a reputation line, like people not paying attention to what Georgia has actually done. Kentucky was the best team they played, I would say by a good margin. I don’t think this is a sleepwalking thing. I think this is a good team that doesn’t crush teams no matter how good they are.

Wassman: DHe true That This is game There is Inside Georgia. The true That They are slept walking By Two Games Already. Kentucky There is undefeated. I am No is going to do to give Inside to do The Temptation This is Time. I am Just is going to do Scroll up with The Team That I am They think There is The best. And If Kentucky Somehow Finds out A the way to do success This is game Or Cover This is sport, After We will want Further Discussion About that Or No of Georgia defective.

Texas (-6.5) vs. Oklahoma

Upen: I think it’s a lower score than people expect. Two of the best teams in the Big 12 in stoppage ratio. Against a talented Oklahoma defense, I use that word loosely. We’re talking about SMU and Cincinnati here. They don’t see much. They did not cross 30 points. Texas is about more than defensive skills. I suspect they might cut Texas some slack.

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Here’s a chance we’ll get another one like Arie beat down Texas 37-13, 37-17. But Dillon Gabriel, if you keep him in there, I think he can make enough plays, make enough plays down the field. Security was quieter than people realized. It’s a bit sloppy and not as fun as other Red River games we’ve seen. I think Texas will win, but OU keeps it close.

Emerson: I don’t want to give Oklahoma more credit than expected, and I don’t want to give Texas credit because it’s Texas, and we need to see them hoist the national championship trophy before they stop producing “Texas.” Then” remarks in a mocking manner. I’m not saying the Horns won’t or won’t win a national title, but based on what they did, the Alabama game stands out to me. I wouldn’t be shocked if Oklahoma wins because we don’t have enough data to tell if they are real or not. But my hard-earned money goes toward Texas coverage.

Wassman: Well, I have to do it guys. I am the driver of the Texas bus before the season starts. I am well aware that I have a vested interest in Texas winning.

Upen: Ari, if you want to join us, there’s room in the ditch with me on the LSU bus. This is good. Come up.

Wassman: I already put down a water bottle. wait for me But I don’t think I’m in that hole if Texas loses this game. I think there’s a good chance they’ll play again in Dallas at the end of the year.

Upen: It looks that way.

Wassman: I think we underestimate Oklahoma significantly as a football team because of our perceptions of what happened a year ago. What happened in that game a year ago was that Oklahoma didn’t have a frickin’ quarterback. They were not able to score runs well. So of course it will happen.

I think it will be a low scoring game as you mentioned. Dave, I agree with that. I will hit under (60.5) in this game. But I think I have to take points. I’m not ready to go out there and say Oklahoma is going to win, but it will be a close game.

Alabama (-2.5) at Texas A&M

Wassman: I live in Texas. Aggies are pumped.

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Upen: They should be. I worry that an Alabama might find us and get ready to make a run. I think the world is there, but I think this is the best team in both categories that Alabama has ever played.

Wassman: We thought the same for the Miami game. Did you do it right?

Upen: Kyle’s going to play, Arie, that’s an even tougher environment for Jalen Milrow, he’s not really playing like a super tough road game. I think Augis totally wins this one.

Aggies, I don’t believe they’re world beaters but at the end of the day, Alabama goes on the road to Kyle who likes to beat Alabama. They may now be the only team A&M likes to hit more than Texas.

Wassman: The interesting thing about this game here is that whatever happens there is a very compelling program attached to it. If Texas A&M wins the game, Alabama is officially out. If Texas A&M loses this game, (garbage) starts again. So excited to see. I think A&M is going to win the game outright as well. I think that quarterback play combined with below-average line play while playing the deepest and best defensive line they’ve faced all year is the same Texas they’ve played, and I don’t think as good as the Aggies. Give points.

Emerson: I had a lot of back and forth as to why I should pick any team. I realized you shouldn’t pick against Nick Saban unless you’re really, really determined. So I’m going with Alabama.

Locks of the week

Upen: Mizzou +6 vs. LSU. Mizzou can absolutely win this one. I think LSU goes on the road and Farrow Field isn’t Kyle Field, but they might be up for a few games. When the place goes, it can go. I think Mizzou fans, who had moderate expectations coming into this year, are starting to smell it a little bit. This is a self-proclaimed game to be taken seriously.

Emerson: North Carolina -8.5 vs. Syracuse. It’s nice that Syracuse is 4-1, but it hasn’t really beaten anyone close to North Carolina’s level. Syracuse lost to Clemson by 17 runs. The number seems very low.

Wassman: Texas Tech at Baylor -1.5. I think Texas Tech did better than it did well. I think Baylor is out this year. Texas Tech has a good team.

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