Biden will not file for the New Hampshire Democratic primary

President Biden’s name will not be on the 2024 Democratic primary ballot in New Hampshire, both his campaign and the state Democratic Party confirmed to The Hill on Tuesday.

“When the President wishes to participate in the primary contest, he is obligated to be the Democratic candidate for President in accordance with the rules for selecting delegates to the 2024 Democratic National Convention as promulgated by the Democratic National Committee. “On October 24, 2023, the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Regulations Committee issued guidance urging Democratic campaigns to refrain from placing candidates’ names on the ballot,” Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez wrote in a letter to the state Democratic Party chairman, obtained by The Hill. Raymond Buckley.

“Consistent with this guidance, Biden for president will refrain from submitting a primary candidate announcement prior to Friday’s filing deadline for the presidential primary,” he added, noting that Biden’s name will appear on the general election ballot. In the state.

Buckley wrote in a report on XThe site, formerly known as Twitter, had already announced that the president would win next year’s Democratic nomination in Chicago.

“NH voters know and trust Joe Biden, which is why he leads Trump by double digits in NH,” he said.

The decision comes as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reshuffled its primary calendar, putting South Carolina at the top of its primary lineup. Under the DNC’s calendar, Nevada and New Hampshire will be second, while Georgia and Michigan will hold their primaries — removing Iowa from the early voting states.

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Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) is also reportedly preparing to launch a long bid for the Democratic nomination against Biden. Phillips reportedly did outreach in New Hampshire; The Minnesota Democrat is not expected to ultimately create a competitive race against the president, but the move could create an unwelcome distraction for Democrats.

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