As the deadline nears, the House executes the financing move

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy speaks to reporters after voting on a resolution to extend a deadline to avoid a partial government shutdown on Capitol Hill, September 30, 2023, in Washington, DC. Ken Cedeno/Reuters

Rep. Jamal Bowman pulled a fire alarm Saturday morning in the Cannon House office building.

The New York Democrat says it was an accident, but the Republican leadership has called for an ethics investigation.

The incident was first revealed by House Administration Committee Chairman Brian Steele.

“Deputy Jamal Bowman pulled a fire alarm at Cannon this morning. An investigation is underway as to why it was pulled,” Steele said in a statement.

Bowman’s office said in a statement that the incident was an “accident.”

“Congressman Bowman did not realize he would set off a building alarm when he rushed to vote. The congressman regrets any confusion,” his office said.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the House Ethics Committee should investigate the incident.

“I think ethics should look at it, but it’s serious,” McCarthy said in response to a reporter’s question following the vote.

He further informed that he will discuss the incident with the Chairman of the Minority Council, Hakeem Jebris.

“This should not go unpunished,” the Speaker continued. “It’s a shame. You’re an elected member of Congress. Hours before the government shutdown, you pull the fire alarm, trying to order a government shutdown?”

Following McCarthy’s comments, GOP Rep. Lisa McClain told CNN she was circulating a resolution to censure Bowman over the incident. He said he already has co-sponsors and will forward it to his legislative counsel for consideration.

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