After leaving the restaurant, Justin Bieber couldn’t stop grabbing her crotch

Justin Bieber

Breakfast turns out to be a package deal

…holding on for dear life!!!

Justin Bieber Either he needs a belt, or maybe he needs to go to the bathroom … ’cause the dude couldn’t stop grabbing his junk after some breakfast this weekend.

The singer had a Saturday meal at Weehoe with the missus, Hayley, and on their way out … Justin was a little cute — but, totally alone. Look at this — the guy was walking up several steps holding his crotch straight.

Like we said, this isn’t a temporary fix or scratch — we all go through it. Instead, JP seems to be holding tight for a while…but doesn’t say why.

His pants here look shiny, so maybe he’s trying to hold them up — although holding them up in this particular area looks a little inept… and that’s what it’s supposed to be.

Of course, he’s probably doing what they sometimes do when there’s a leak… and worse. It might seem gross — but when nature calls … it’s certainly not unusual to pull a move like this. Considering how long Justin held this pose, it’s possible.

Whatever it is that’s causing him to grope his manhood… we hope Biebs figures it out eventually. As for Hayley — well, stick with him, we guess.

If you miss a beat — Justin seems to be able to handle himself.

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