7 judges selected after 2 days of Trump hush money hearings

8:44 pm ET, April 16, 2024

Here are some key takeaways from Day 2 of jury selection in Trump's hush money trial

From CNN's Jeremy Herb and Lauren Del Valle

If you're catching up, here it is Excerpts from Day 2 of the Trump hush money hearing:

We have a (more than half) jury: So far four men and three women have been selected to serve on the jury. An Irishman who works in sales in New York City is appointed foreperson of the jury, who essentially serves as a team spokesperson. Five out of seven have a college degree or higher education. Two of the team are lawyers. All but one of the jurors empaneled Tuesday indicated they knew Trump was facing charges in other criminal cases. Of the 18 jurors questioned, the woman was the only one who said she was unaware of the other charges. None of them shared particularly strong views about Trump or politics.

Trump's lawyers examine jurors' social media: Trump's defense asked the judge to remove the five judges for cause, pointing to anti-Trump social media posts and trying to argue that the judges were unfairly biased against the former president. Todd Blanch, the former president's attorney, questioned the jurors, asking each one what they thought of Trump outside of the case. He tried to argue before the judge that many of the jurors' responses that they had no opinion about Trump were inconsistent with their social media posts. Judge Juan Mercon was generally skeptical, but he agreed on two points that jurors should be struck with. Merchan didn't strike as to the three jurors: Trump's side used its peremptory challenges to remove them all anyway. After Tuesday, four challenges remain to both Trump's team and the district attorney's office.

Trump warned (again): Trump was admonished for his behavior when Mercen brought one of the jurors separately to discuss his social media posts raised by Trump's team. After the jury left the courtroom, Merson raised his voice and admonished Trump, who said he was speaking audibly and gesturing in the direction of the jury. “I will not frighten any jurors in court,” Mercon said to Blanche, raising his voice.

Jury selection could be completed – perhaps – by the end of the week: One of the things Mercen emphasized this week is that the court schedule is fluid. But the judge hopes to complete jury selection this week. After swearing in the seven jurors Tuesday, Merchan told them he hoped to return next Monday for opening statements — but he stressed the schedule could always change and the court would stay in touch.

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