2024 NFL Draft 1st Round Winners and Losers: Eagles Find Their CB, Kirk Cousins ​​Disgraced

At long last, the NFL draft finally started from the city of Detroit.

The first round is officially in the books, and each of the 32 picks brings new hope to the owners who made those picks. But there is a lot of work. Rounds 2 and 3 will take place on Friday night, followed by Rounds 4 to 7 on Saturday.

It will take some time to see how these choices play out, but that doesn't stop us from reacting and analyzing.

We look at the winners and losers of the first round.


Quarterbacks – Quarterbacks flew off the board Thursday night, with six of them going in the top 12 picks. They were joined by Caleb Williams (Bears, first), Jaden Daniels (Commanders, second), Drake May (Patriots, third), Michael Benix Jr. (Falcons, eighth), JJ McCarthy (Vikings, 10th) and Bo Nix (Broncos, 12th). . To tie the historic 1983 QB draft class with the most taken in the first round. But six have never gone off the board as quickly as they did Thursday night. Some of these quarters will start right away. Others may sit for a while. But for now, they serve as symbols of hope for brighter days ahead for their new owners.

Strikers – Each draft reflects a different trend, and this year has a strong offensive flavor, as it took 14 picks before the first defensive player came off the board. That player was UCLA edge rusher Laidu Ladu, who went No. 15 to Indianapolis. In all, 23 offensive players went in the first round, and only nine defensive players were drafted.

Kyler Murray – The Arizona Cardinals quarterback returned from reconstructive knee surgery last season, but returned to an offense that lacked game-changing talent. But Cardinals officials used the draft's fourth pick to acquire Marvin Harrison Jr., who was considered by many to be the best wideout in the draft. Harrison gives Murray and the Cardinals a polished route runner that also has good size and speed.

Philadelphia Eagles – The Eagles were in need of cornerback help, and they also made calls on the possibility they could move up in the draft so they could better position themselves to take the corner of their choice. But neither team in front of them had a pressing need, and Quinyon Mitchell landed on their lap in 22nd.

Daniel Jones The New York Giants did a lot of homework on quarterbacks in the draft. There has been talk that they could have used the sixth pick to mark the end of Jones, who has been a huge disappointment since New York went sixth in 2019. However, the Giants used the sixth pick on the LSU wide receiver instead. Malik Nabbers, meaning Jones will have another chance to establish himself.

LSU wideouts – First to Nabbers in the sixth, then Brian Thomas Jr. to Jacksonville in the 23rd. It's the first time LSU has had two first-round wide receivers. Now, Nabers and Thomas will join Ja'Mar Chase, Justin Jefferson, DJ Sark and Odell Beckham as the next big wide receivers from LSU. It was a big night for wide receivers as a total of seven went off the board in the first round.

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Kirk Cousins ​​- The Atlanta Falcons stunned Kirk Cousins ​​by drafting Bennix just months after they signed him to a four-year, $180 million contract. Cousins, who didn't know the team's plans until the Falcons were on the clock, is coming off a torn Achilles, but he's recovering from surgery and is looking forward to going home to Atlanta. But now, Cousins ​​may be looking at another opportunity sooner than he expected (most of the guaranteed money in his contract is in the first two seasons). Pennix will sit and learn this year, and if Cousins ​​falters in 2025, the Falcons could turn things around for the kid.

Las Vegas Raiders – The Raiders needed to find their long-term answer at quarterback and were believed to be interested in moving up in the draft to ensure they were in position to take one. Well, the Raiders couldn't move up, and when they moved up at No. 13, all six quarterbacks considered potential franchises were taken. For now, Aidan O'Connell and Gardner Minshew are the Raiders' only options at quarterback. They could be looking for a second- or third-rounder, but such a player could be a project.

Zach Wilson – The Broncos took Wilson off the Jets' hands a few days ago, and it looked like Wilson had a chance to reset, learn from Sean Payton, and save his career in Denver. But then the Broncos used the 12th pick to draft the Knicks. Now, the best Wilson can hope for is the Knicks' slow learning process and the struggles of Jared Stidham, who started two games in Denver last season, so he can somehow function on the field. Otherwise, his training reps and playing opportunities will be severely limited.

Defensive backs – Cornerbacks endured a long wait Thursday night as 21 players came off the board before Mitchell went to the Eagles. Mitchell, a Toledo product, lands in a good spot on defense with a strong front. But he could have done without waiting. However, Mitchell's wait was not long. After two picks, Alabama cornerback Darian Arnold got the last call, and the Lions selected him at No. 24. The long wait continued after 1995, when Tyrone Poole went 22nd to Carolina and Ty Law went 23rd to New England.

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Buffalo Bills – Buffalo brass scratched their heads after trading picks with the Chiefs in the first round. Kansas City used that pick to draft speedy Texas wideout Xavier Worthy. Buffalo needs help at wide receiver, and the Chiefs will never figure out how to win in the playoffs with the same team. So, missing out on an opportunity to help themselves and helping bolster a key enemy could actually come back to haunt the Bills. Then, to make matters worse, the Bills turned around and traded up from the 32nd pick, moving up to the 33rd. Moving up to that spot, the Panthers used that pick to take South Carolina wide receiver Xavier Leggett — another player who could really help Buffalo.

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